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OLPC is a non profit organization dedicated to transforming education for children who have had little or no access to modern information technology. Adopting OLPC India is an initiative to revolutionize the way we learn, the vision behind this "educational" project, and also scale up the eco-system of sharing between the diverse set of communities existing in the Indian Subcontinent.

The OLPC Association focuses on designing, manufacturing, and distributing laplets to children in lesser developed countries, initially concentrating on those governments that have made commitments for the funding and program support required to ensure that all of their children own and can effectively use a laplet.

Nicholas Negroponte

The affluent, technology driven Western world has often been exhorted for not making technologies that could help the underprivileged of the world. Some leaders of the so called Third World, from among those who have come to appreciate of the challenges of developing new technologies, have used many fora to ask for the technology leaders to address the problem of the poor.

Satish Jha talks to
Satish Jha

New Delhi: The One laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative is one of the most respected names in low-cost computing around the world, and they have recently announced the latest version of their laptop, the OLPC XO-4, which can also function as a touchscreen computer.