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Learning is the basis for full human, social, economic and democratic development. As the pace of change in the world increases dramatically, the urgency to prepare all children to be full citizens of the emerging world also increases dramatically. No one can predict the world our children will inherit. The best preparation for children is to develop the passion for learning and the ability to learn how to learn.

The digital technology is inculcating a rapid change in the ways of learning. The best preparation for children is to develop a passion for learning and the tablet is proving to be a great asset in educating a child, making them an active informed and better citizens. EDUCATION CAN CHANGE A DESTINY.

Limits are erased as they can learn and work with passionate experts around the world; they can access high-quality, modern materials; they can engage their passions and develop their expertise. What children lack is not capability, it is opportunity and resources.

In order to make the goal a reality, we need people who believe in what we are doing and want to help make education for the world's poorest children a priority, not a privilege. OLPC aims at higher and higher echelons of learning. Not only the vision and mission focus on educating every needy child but the formula/concept also emphasizes education as the topmost priority, creating self-determined students, and a secured nation comprising of cultured and well informed citizens. OLPC doesn't merely serve the purpose of educating, it serves a passion.