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Most of the one billion children in the emerging world don't have access to adequate education. The XO Laplet is our answer to this crisis—and after nearly two years, we know it's working. Almost everywhere the XO goes, school attendance increases dramatically as the children begin to open their minds and explore their own potential. One by one, a new generation is emerging with the power to change the world.

OLPC India has initiated a fresh beginning in the educational structure, giving way to a broader and prominent prospects of learning. OLPC India has served more than a purpose in fulfilling the objectives of making it a success among the targeted poor children. OLPC India is a dramatic achievement in touching the lives of poor children and empowering the young minds with spellbound technology.



Galadima, Abuja, Nigeria

Porto Alegre,
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Ban Samkha, Thailand

Villa Cardal, Uruguay

Quotes from teachers

"With the laptop we can say that our school is really elevated because the children are really learning more... They see themselves discovering things that they have never been doing before." — Mrs. M., Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"The bringing of the laptop into the school has brought a transformation into the school... It has brought another idea of how to teach better: now we see that teaching is not more abstract; it's something that pupils can see, and they catch on better." — Mr. O., Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"Pupils go even beyond what I can teach in the class. It's a very interesting thing to use. I personally have a better idea about teaching... We discovered that giving them time to discover something and to do it in their own way, they feel more happy and they are so excited in using it that, 'Yes, I discovered it! Yes, I can get it!! Yes, I can do this on my own!!!' Teaching is getting more interesting and less stressful." — Mr. O., Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"Some children are naturally faster than the others; we discovered that they go ahead of the class. They can teach their mates that, 'Look I got it, this is how you do it, this is how you do it, this is how you do it.' This way the slower children also are catching up. When the children can learn on their own, apart from what they can learn in class, they go faster above their mates in other places." — Mr. O., Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"Now that we have the laptop, the relationship [among teachers] is definitely better, because teachers can relate better in the way they teach. And now they can move because teaching is getting more interesting. Now they can move from one class to others. Like subjects for each class, every week, Primary 4 will have their own project, and Primary 5 will have their own project. So a teacher in Primary 5 can come to Primary 4 and see the projects, how the children are doing, how they are learning on their own, and how the teacher is helping them. And so the teacher can now go back to its own class, apply some methods, exchange ideas in how to use them and how to impart knowledge better than before. I think we are relating better now." — Mr. O., Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

Quotes from children

"I use my computer very carefully so that it will not spoil. I use it to type, I use it to write, I use it to draw, I use it to play games... I'm using my computer at home to type assignments." — T. (Primary 4), Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"I like the laptop because I always snap pictures... I snap pictures and I play games; we use... Google [Internet]. I put it in Write and use it in class work." — S. (Primary 4), Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"Sometimes I play football and sometimes I stay in the classroom... I operate my laptop: I write, draw, and record music... At home, I go turn on the television and record music." — C. (Primary 5), Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria

"I think the laptop is very good. It helps us to find some words, like our uncle [teacher] will teach us... The things we didn't know, we go check on the laptop." — T. (Primary 6), Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria