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OLPC India is meant to be an enormous, noble and ambitious concept to revolutionize the ways of learning and helping the poorest of children to grow and nurture, presenting a new face of education and opportunities in the contemporary world.

Be a part of this phenomenal campaign arising a new array of hope while helping OLPC India to reach its destination. You can play a dynamic role in ushering a whole new era of transforming education, creating a wave of optimism and development.

Spread the word to potential population and encourage them to pass it on to others.



OLPC India is partnering, collaborating, cooperating and engaging with everyone keen to take the mission of all our children having access to screen based learning with the help of XOs. read more


The OLPC Foundation's mission is to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of laplets as learning tools for children living in lesser-developed countries. read more


To ensure that all school-aged children in the developing world are able to engage effectively with their own personal laplet, networked to the world, so that they, their families and their communities can openly learn and learn about learning. read more

Ways to give

For general information about the many ways you can give laplets through the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, please send email to service at read more


Programmers and developers interested in volunteer opportunities. read more