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Created last year, this prize is awarded to a business, association or NGO that has placed values of citizenship and social and environmental responsibility at the heart of its activity. Open to everyone, it promotes active solidarity. The winning organisation's commitment will have had a strong impact on its staff, boosting their performance and their motivation. The manager of the winning entity does not have to be an Edhec alumnus but there must be at least one Edhec alumnus on the staff.

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One Laptop Per Child Satish Jha (MBA 1990)
Satish Jha, a graduate of the EDHEC in 1990, is the Chairman of OLPC India Foundation. One Laptot Per Child is a worldwide educational project centered around a laptop computer named XO. The foundation has the mission to improve the education of the poorest children by supplying to every child a laptop computer endowed with a rugged, low-cost, low power (1 watt), with contents and software designed for collaboration, enjoyable and self-learning . Children with access OLPC find learning about learning enjoyable and become committed to their own education. They learn, teach, share, create and collaborate together and become critical thinkers and problem solvers. For Satish Jha, distributing to the Indian children an economic, sustainable and enjoyable laptop computer began at first in a collaboration with the Indian State Governments and the states of Kerala, Manipur, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan included it in their education policy. He began with the vision "If a country could buy 8 million mobile phones in one month, they can buy 3 million laptop computers in one year ".Satish Jha has recently supported this project at a TED conference (Technology, Entertainment and Design). The TED conferences aim to disseminate "ideas worth spreading" To see the TED Conference of Satish Jha

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